Tax Deductions You Can Claim for Work Related Clothing and Laundry Expenses


You can claim a Tax deduction for the cost of purchasing and maintaining certain types of clothing, uniforms and any footwear that relates to your employment. You cannot claim a Tax deduction for clothes simply because you wear them at work. Clothing is treated as a private expense unless it specifically relates to your employment and is used in connection to earning taxable income. Tax deductible work clothing must fall into one of four specific categories:  


Claiming Uniform Expenses

You can claim the cost of purchasing and maintaining a uniform that your employer requires you to wear, such as those required by members of the military, bank officers, airline staff members etc. You cannot claim the cost of a suit if you work in an office even if you are required to wear it by your employer. Clothing does not become a uniform until is it emblazoned with the employer’s logo for the purpose of identifying its employees to the public and were designed and made especially for an organization.  


Claiming Occupation Specific Clothing

Some occupations such as nurses and doctors are required to wear occupation specific clothing that is not everyday in nature and allows the public to easily recognise their occupation even though it may not form part of their actual uniform. This might include stockings and hairnets, or the checked pants worn by chef. You can claim this as part of your work related clothing expense. Bartender’s black trousers and white shirt, or a suit are not specific to your occupation and do not qualify for Tax deduction.


Claiming Protective Clothing

If you work in an environment that requires you to wear clothing to protect yourself, then you can claim the cost of purchasing and maintaining this clothing in your Tax Return. This might include steel capped boots, personal protective equipment or high visibility clothing, rubber boots, non-slip nurse’s shoes, safety-coloured vests, fire-resistant and sun-protection clothing, gloves, overalls, and heavy-duty shirts and trousers. If the clothing you have purchased falls into one of the above categories, then you can claim the cost of purchasing it and maintaining it. Generally, maintaining clothing expenses will include repairing the clothing and washing the clothing.  


Claiming Non-compulsory work uniform

You can claim expenses incurred for non-compulsory work uniforms only when their design has been registered with Aus Industry by your employer. Non-compulsory work uniform does not include shoes, socks and stockings or a single item such as a jumper.  


Laundry expenses claim

You can claim for the cost of laundry expenses related to specific clothing you are entitled to claim. You can claim up to $150 of laundry expenses without obtaining written evidence.  


Claims for sunhats, sunscreen and sunglasses

You might be able to claim  products relating to sun protection as a deduction, but there must be a direct connection between your employment and a requirement to be in the sun. The expense also needs to be apportioned between private and work-related clothing.


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