Tax Return For Individuals

78% of people hire a tax agent to do their Tax Return. The remainder will never know how much extra tax they are paying…


Why Have Tax Focus Prepare My Tax Return?

Our team of professional CA and CPA qualified accountants and registered tax agents have the knowledge and experience to get you the biggest refund legally possible. Tax is our specialty, and if you only have to file one tax return each year, you may as well engage the specialists. Tax Focus will make sure you get every tax deduction you are legally entitled to.  


Will I Get a Tax Refund?

Most people get a refund from their tax return, but it is the taxpayers who seek professional advice that generally get more money back. The tax laws in this country are a paradigm of voluminousness, and keeping abreast of all the latest changes and tax entitlements is pretty much a full time job. Our tax accountants prepare thousands of tax returns every year, so we know all the ins and outs of the tax system. Our fees are very reasonable, and our tax return fees are completely tax deductible.  


When Do I Have to Do My Tax Return?

If you lodge your own tax return, then it has to be lodged by the 31st of October every year. However, if you are on a Tax Agent Lodgement List then you get an automatic extension until May of the following year. If you want to defer the lodgement of your tax return, you need to make sure that you appoint your tax agent before the end of October.  


How Much Does it Cost to Lodge My Tax Return?

A basic tax return for Australian residents starts from $170, and that will cover your wages income and your work related expenses. If you have investments or a small business, then please call us for a quote on fees.  


Do I have To Come In to Get My Tax Return Done?

No, you don’t have to come in to have your tax return prepared by us. We correspond with most of our clients via phone and email. Of course, you are most welcome to come in and see us if there is something you want to talk about.  


What Time Do You Tax Return Appointments Till?

We generally take tax return appointments until 10pm weeknights from July to August. We are also available for appointments on weekend in the busy months, so if you have unusual work hours then feel free to give us a call and we can arrange something for you.  


How Long Does a Tax Return Take?

The initial tax return interview with us can take anything from five minutes to an hour, depending on what you have going on. On top of that, we have to set you up in the system and review your tax file but you don’t have to be in front of us when we do all that. Once you have signed it and we have lodged it, most people will get their tax return deposited to their bank account in around one week.  


OK, Sounds Great… How Do I Get My Tax Return Started?

All you need to get your tax return underway is to download our tax agent appointment form so we can become your tax agent. Once you have sent it back to us, and paid the deposit, we will commence work immediately on getting you back the biggest tax return possible.   Click here for Tax Return Form (Individuals)

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