Early Tax Return


Generally, you have to wait until the financial year has ended before you can file your Tax Return. 

There are some circumstances in which you can file an Early Tax Return: when you leave Australia indefinitely or when you die.

In relation to leaving Australia, you will be able file a Tax Return once you have a confirmed departure date.

The cost of an Early Tax Return is $330. Your Early Tax Return must be prepared manually, on paper, and a letter has to be written to the Australian Taxation Office confirming your situation and requesting an early assessment.


Leaving Australia Tax Pack


Tax Focus can prepare your Australian income Tax Return and get it lodged and refunded to you without you having to come back to Australia. Even though you may no longer be a resident, you may have been an Australian resident for tax purposes in the year that you were here.

If you can wait until the new financial year, we recommended that you do. Sometimes Early Tax Returns can take six weeks or longer to come through, so it you are after a quick cash fix, this may not work for you.

For more information on Early Tax Returns, contact us at mail@taxfocus.com.au or call us on +61 2 94716 7600 and we will advise you of the best way forward.



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