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A default assessment warning will sometimes be issued to a taxpayer with late Tax Returns if the ATO believes they can reclaim a Tax liability from other sources. Their decision to do so is generally taken when the ATO’s extensive data matching program indicates your liability by matching your wages, interest income, dividends and trust distributions.

The ATO may also issue a default assessment when they believe a Tax Return that has been filed in the past is incorrect and they suspect other income has not been declared. This default assessment is known as an “assets betterment” basis of assessment and is reserved for those the ATO believe are living above the means, based on the income they declare.


If you receive a default assessment warning, it is important to have a Tax Agent appointed immediately so the issue doesn’t get escalated.


If a default assessment is issued, it will basically mean that your Tax Return will be prepared by the ATO. They are the last people you want to file your Tax Return! If they have to resort to this method, they are not required to correctly ascertain the taxpayer’s liability and do not have to make inquiries about your income or your deductions. Whilst the ATO cannot simply guess your default assessment, there is not a high degree of accuracy required.


Tax Focus has helped dozens of people avoid the calamity of a default assessment. If you receive one of these letters, call 02 9416 7600 and talk to one of our team.


We have also been able to help taxpayers object against a default assessment that has been issued to them.

Once you fill out our Tax Agent appointment form, we can keep you out of trouble so you can get a good night’s sleep.



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