Payroll Services


Why Outsource Payroll?

Apart from making the whole process seamlessly easy, payroll outsourcing often works out quite a lot cheaper in the end. Staying on top of all the entitlements, tax and HR issues surrounding employees requires a dedicated expert, which we have on hand. If you have an internal payroll officer, you need to invest in training and make sure the person responsible for your employees pay is up to date with the latest changes in law.


How Much Does Outsourced Payroll Cost?

If you have 10 employees or less, payroll outsourcing will generally cost you between $110 and $330 for each pay run. So if you pay monthly, it could be just $110 per month and you will never have to worry about a payroll issue again. How much is that piece of mind worth to you?


What Other Payroll Services Do You Offer?

My Mother Hen will provide wages and tax calculations; salary packaging arrangements; and advice on relevant awards for your employees. If you have an issue with an employee being underpaid or overpaid, we can work with you and the employee to resolve the issue and help keep the peace.


Where Do You Provide Payroll Services to?

We provide payroll services anywhere. Our closest payroll is in the office next door, and out furthest away is London. We also run a payroll in Darwin which is somewhere in between.


How do I Find Out More About Your Payroll Services?

If you want to know more about our payroll services, give us a call today on (02) 9416 7600 and we’ll be able to give you tailored advice for your situation.

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