“Tax Focus accountants managed to save me over $160,000 which I owed to the ATO for disputed taxes, failure to lodge on time penalties, & accrued interest charges on default payments after winning a long disputed objection with the ATO.

Before it all started, I actually moved overseas and I wasn’t aware that I have to inform the ATO of this; so during the 5 years while I was away the ATO chased me to lodge my tax returns and eventually initiated default tax assessments based on the information they received of my overseas salaries. These were topped up by tens of thousands of penalties and so forth. The irony was that I wasn’t even aware of all this until I relocated back to Oz and a friend of mine introduced me to Tax Focus to help me with my current taxes and to find out the shocking news.

The staff at Tax Focus have really proven to me their outstanding tax expertise and experience to deal with complex cases and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Duane Watkins picture for testimonial


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